Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Easter is about Jesus, dying on the cross to save us from our sins and give us life everlasting. Sure we have chocolate bunny treats galore, toys and gifts, turkey stuffing and mashed potatoes, decorated boiled eggs and springy flowers but what about celebrating the true blessing each one of us has been given..................Life. Taking a moment and thanking God for something so big yet something we take for granted each and every day.

Emily, I am thankful for your true beauty inside and out. I have never met another little girl who has a heart more full of love than yours. I admire your spirit and how it flows from being a child to grownupland but when you hug me you are still my baby girl in every way.

Carter, I am thankful for your imagination, without your stories I would forget what it is like to be a child and I am thankful I am reminded of that innocence each and every day. We are able to dream during the day because of your bright little mind.

Cohen, I am thankful for your humor, your laughter and your sillyness. When I look at you I am reminded of Grandpa Corky and his will to chuckle in every occasion. Your joy is like my sunshine no matter what time of day it is.

My Brady boo, I am thankful for your baby strength. You are so little yet so mighty, you have had the will to live from the moment you entered this world. You are this little ball of love, life and adventure all rolled into one.

Thank you God for my children, when I look at them I see Your truth.
Love, love and more love, from our hearts to yours
Happy Easter

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