Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gourmet Baby!

My little Brady boo is indeed another picky eater. And uh, Jar'ed baby food just doesn't really cut it. Frankly I don't blame him. Have you smelt the stuff? Ewwwww!!! Tasted the stuff? Double ewwwwwww!!!

Mind you the fruits are alright!

So I was having coffee with my friend Sarah and she was telling me about these frozen baby meals found at DADS Market. I couldn't resist and they looked just so handy and cute and timesaving and on top of that yummy. Bought a bunch. Came home and tried Veggies and Quinoa. Brady didn't like it but I did. It smelled yummy and was actually quite tasty. Tomorrow we will try the chicken *fingers crossed*.

I loved making homemade baby food and lately I just haven't had the time so I am extra thankful for this. I mean what a great idea. They are a tad expensive ranging between $8-$10 but c'mon it saves me hours of cooking and cleanup and not to mention contains my sanity to a mediocre level. So thank you sweet pea, thank you DADS and thank you Sarah!!!

Now Brady.......time for DINNER :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A spoonful of sugar

Head pounding

nose plugged


excruciating boob ache

hot and cold flashes

achey body

food tastes like metally poop

yeah....that's how I feel.....

Kids screaming

Baby crying

Laundry piling

Cohen pooping

Cohen climbing on counters

Cohen putting stickers on walls

Cohen smacking Brady

Baby crying

Baby needing boob and sleep, takes the boob...sleep non existent

11am finally shower

Crap gotta get Carter to his bday party

Kids surprise me with cleaning the house while I get ready to leave the house

We leave

I take Cohen Brady and Emily to my sisters...YAY thank goodness for Auntie Jenna - Mommy gets to go to the doctor

1.5 hrs later I'm done

Pick up, slurpee stop (Em has become a handy trustful shopper) Medicine stop, Carter stop - YES I remembered to pick up my son and i was 5 minutes early.

Cohen sleeping, Brady sleeping

Carter decides to build a wooden aircraft and gets paint all over the table, hands, mouth, clothes...well EVERYWHERE

Carter gives me his masterpiece as a special gift

Brady finally gets put down, laundry gets rewashed for the 2nd time and dinner goes in the over

7 we eat dinner, kinda

Cohen runs around the table singing "Hey ho let's go" while banging a soup ladel on the table

Phone rings


Brady gets fed vegetable beef and peaches, however everytime he gets a spoonful of beef he screams (think he must love it *sigh*)

Baby bath time

Cohen first, washed hair without screaming, Brady's turn - Cohen doesn't want Brady in the tub so he gets whopped and well bathtime is over.

Em and Carter surprise me with a very clean kitchen. I'm breathless, it's soooo clean.

Cohen runs around and hides under the crib

I try to convince him to put on a diaper only for him to PEE all over my floor.

Emily excitedly makes lunches for tomorrow and gets ready for her trip to Beavercreek

I open the linen closet, towels fall, I organize the closet

Brady screams

Carter is pretending to be a human robot

Cohen is dancing around

Emily is singing

Head is hurting

Teeth brushed

pj's on

Bottle filled

Nurse brady for the 37th time of the day

We give thanks to the Lord

Amen and kisses and hugs and I love yous and tucking in...even double tucking

I stop in the hall and thank my kids for being so helpful

*I'm just so proud of them*

More I love you's

I take Brady and sit down as Cohen repeatedly comes out of his room

Cohen builds a giraffe by turning his kids couch upside with a yellow pillow on top.

We sit down for a snack and a quick game of Baseball on Miniclip

Switch the laundry

Put the snack away

Change diapers

Tuck in, hugs, kisses, I love you's for the 8th time

Feed Brady

Write Blog

Feed Brady

Write Blog

Feed Brady

Feed Brady and writing blog

Ahhhhh Brady is sleeping peacefully on the couch for a guesstimated 28 minutes

11:54pm and I'm going to fold the basket of pants

Brothers and sisters is ending, Kids are still sleeping, clock is ticking and You know what


My kids knew exactly what to do amidst all the "stuff" they just knew..

They knew when I needed a hug, they just cleaned without being asked, sure they fought but they also got along and helped eachother out. They didn't care we had cereal for breakfast or beefaroni for lunch or m&m pizza's for supper, we still sat down together, we still found time for eachother. I love these kids so much and aside from the antibiotics for this stupid sinusitis they are my medicine. They make it ALL ok!!

On that note, I better get my butt in gear fold this laundry and get to bed so I can get the kids to school on time and tend to Manic Monday!!

12:02 I'm Out

God Bless xo

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Baby Crawl 2009

I have always wanted to enter one of my babies in a crawl contest but the older 3 never qualified. Until now, baby #4.

It was so cute. The moms on either side of me didn't realize that there was already a winner 10 seconds into the race. So we went with it anyways.

My sister Jenna started Brady on the one side, but a cutie beside him caught his eye. They sat and stared at eachother until the little girl hit him in the face. That distracted him and he started smiling which led to him moving.

I assumed he was first so I was all happy and excited and then someone beside me said nope there was already a winner. That's ok, because they are all winners. It was so fun!!!

I have some photo's posted up on facebook, take a peek..... It was pretty crowded in there so my brother in law captured the moment as good as can be expected :) Too short for a video... Possibly need more hands!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bottling this moment

As quick as my little man is, every once in awhile he'll stop and want a picture with mommy!!