Saturday, March 14, 2009

Baby Crawl 2009

I have always wanted to enter one of my babies in a crawl contest but the older 3 never qualified. Until now, baby #4.

It was so cute. The moms on either side of me didn't realize that there was already a winner 10 seconds into the race. So we went with it anyways.

My sister Jenna started Brady on the one side, but a cutie beside him caught his eye. They sat and stared at eachother until the little girl hit him in the face. That distracted him and he started smiling which led to him moving.

I assumed he was first so I was all happy and excited and then someone beside me said nope there was already a winner. That's ok, because they are all winners. It was so fun!!!

I have some photo's posted up on facebook, take a peek..... It was pretty crowded in there so my brother in law captured the moment as good as can be expected :) Too short for a video... Possibly need more hands!!


  1. aww yay brady! I had kayden in that when he was little. It was funny.

  2. Nows too cute! Never heard of it before but sounds pretty fun!