Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gourmet Baby!

My little Brady boo is indeed another picky eater. And uh, Jar'ed baby food just doesn't really cut it. Frankly I don't blame him. Have you smelt the stuff? Ewwwww!!! Tasted the stuff? Double ewwwwwww!!!

Mind you the fruits are alright!

So I was having coffee with my friend Sarah and she was telling me about these frozen baby meals found at DADS Market. I couldn't resist and they looked just so handy and cute and timesaving and on top of that yummy. Bought a bunch. Came home and tried Veggies and Quinoa. Brady didn't like it but I did. It smelled yummy and was actually quite tasty. Tomorrow we will try the chicken *fingers crossed*.

I loved making homemade baby food and lately I just haven't had the time so I am extra thankful for this. I mean what a great idea. They are a tad expensive ranging between $8-$10 but c'mon it saves me hours of cooking and cleanup and not to mention contains my sanity to a mediocre level. So thank you sweet pea, thank you DADS and thank you Sarah!!!

Now Brady.......time for DINNER :)


  1. Hopefully he likes the other ones! I haven't tried the one you talked about but Bennett's LOOOVES the meat ones. And seriously...they are actually kinda good! I had to try to turkey one after smelling it...YUM! Haha. Good luck up :)

  2. The only time I ever ate babyfood as an adult was when I got my wisdom teeth removed, and even that was weird. How can blended chicken be orange?? But the fruit sounds like a great idea, even for those of us with teeth. My girlfriend uses her Magic Bullet to make baby food and then freezes them in the ice cube tray so they are all in single portions. You moms are all so smart!